Have you been asking yourself: How do I rank page one on Google?

If so, I’d like to run you through my proven strategy, which will rank your site on Google page 1. This applies to the organic positions which are free on Google, not the paid positions. I’ve been ranking websites on search engines since the mid 90s. In this video I am going to show you, step-by-step my strategy, which will rank your site on Google page 1 in 2020.

You don’t need to be one of those SEO gurus to rank page one on Google. If I am able to do this, then you will at the very least understand the process, so that you can hire or manage someone to execute on the tasks.
So for the record, My Ranking Strategy:

  • Will work for absolutely any keyword out there
  • If you have a low or very competitive keyword, this will work
  • Works on new or old domains

For the purposes of this video the following points are assumed:

  • You have an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • This is handy if you are a Website Manager/Owner that wants to manage the process, rather than doing it
  • Your website is not already flagged by Google for having spammy backlinks or policy breaches. Not much can be done if this is the case on your domain
  • Keyword research has been conducted
  • You are able to plan and produce the web-content necessary to occupy a space on page #1
  • Already taken care of technical on-site & offsite SEO
  • You understand that the work involved should be done across the duration of at least one month
        It will then take 60-90 days for your webpage to appear on Google Page 1

Now for the record this video is not a comprehensive guide on:

  • What is SEO
  • Technical website SEO
  • How to manage off site assets:

                - Google GMB

                - Google Search Console

I’ll be covering:

  • Competition Analysis
  • On-page Content Optimisation
  • Metadata
  • My Link Building Strategy

Competition Analysis

When doing your “Keyword Analysis” hopefully you looked at who is currently sitting in Google #1 organic position.

The key purpose of Competition Analysis is:

  • Examine the #1 position’s content scope
  • Formulate the necessary “Content Plan”

In this video I’ll be going through 1: Examine the #1 position’s content scope

Planning and Producing good content is one of the assumed knowledge points I mentioned earlier, and it’s not part of this video. Long gone are the days of not producing top-notch content gaming the system to get a page that took 3 minutes to make ranking on Google page #1. Google is much smarter than that in the 20s.

OK now you will need to use either Firefox or Chrome browser, with an extension that will provide SEO data on the webpage that holds the Google rank #1 position.

The extension is SEO Minion, there’s even an explainer video on their download page. Once you have the SEO Minion extension installed in Chrome or Firefox, do your keyword search in Google. I’ll be using Chrome.

Click on the link in the Google Search Results Page to open the webpage.

Then press the SEO Minion icon on Chrome’s toolbar. I only use the “Analyze One-Page SEO”. Now the required content scope is simple: outshine the star in Google position #1: Update your website's copy to have at least 30% more words and pictures than the number 1 website on google

So this page is shy of 5,000 words. I’ll be aiming at 6,000 - 7,000 words. Title & Description character limit has been exceeded, so I’ll make sure mine complies.

Getting back to copy, there have been 34 headings used so the content is well written and they’ve utilized all from h1-h5, make sure this is in the content brief or plan and then ensure that it gets done.

15 images are used with 4 missing alt tags. Let’s go for 20 images all with alt tags. I have also observed two videos, well need three. Helpful hint: a video file does not have to be an epic piece in videography with awesome production values. For all intents and purposes, this content is in video file format, and Google doesn’t know that it’s not an epic piece of videography production. Well not at this point in time.

Last, but not least the Open-graph URL + Title hasn’t been included, so there’s an on-page technical SEO requirement to ensure it gets completed.

On-page Content Optimisation


Within you webpage content structure make sure that the focus keyword is featured at the top, in the middle and the bottom of your copy. At the Top make sure that your focus keyword is in the first paragraph in BOLD TEXT. In the Middle have your keyword half way down the content. At the Bottom have your keyword preferably in the last paragraph and in ITALIC FONT.

Make sure that your focus keyword (exact search phase) is in the H1 Tag as well as within one H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6.
Ensure that your exact keyword is in an Image ALT Tag, and place this image as close to the top of the page as possible.
Your going to need to make sure that your content is more in depth than that of the top ten ranked websites. At a minimum, you’re looking at producing two thousand words. Google loves a great user experience, you might well be looking at including multimedia in video file format if the top ten hve them on theirs.

Meta Tags

Last but not least, you need to complete your metadata to ensure your site is fully optimised for a top ranking.
META TITLE TAG: make sure that your exact keyword is included at the start (once only). Ensure your giving visitors a reason to click onto your page. Your TITLE needs to be very compelling. You’ll want the searcher to feel like they absolutely must click on your listing. Appeal to the searcher’s needs and emotions, and show that you have the answer to their problem.

My Link Building Strategy

Here is the breakdown of this proven backlink ranking strategy.

Tier 1

16,000 Social Signals

Before starting to build any serious backlinks You will need to get some social signals in place. Doing this first ensures everything looks natural. So get a variety of 16,000 social signals to this post:

  • Facebook shares and likes
  • Linkedin shares
  • Pinterest pins
  • Google Plus shares
  • Twitter posts and likes
  • 20 High PA Tumblr Backlinks

The Tumblr backlinks are very powerful indeed. These need to be hand written posts. Simply write a few lines of text, between 50 and 200 words. Drop an image in the post together with your backlink and you are done.
Ensure your backlink is close to your main focus keyword, which of course must be in the post TITLE of your Tumblr.
Be sure to mix up your anchor text, the same anchor text will get you a Google Slap.

20 High PA Weebly Backlinks

Ensure you use high PA Weebly blogs with lots of rank juice. Again, the content must be hand written to ensure the post pages index. The content does not need to be very long, 50 to 500 words is good enough. Make sure your keyword is in the post Title and ensure the anchor link is close to the keyword. These 20 high PA Weebly backlinks combined with the high PA Tumblr backlinks will have most sites on their way to the top.

However, we only have backlinks from two different IPs. We are going to address this little problem in the next step.

100 Backlinks for Diversity

This step is very important, do not miss it out. You need to get backlinks from many different IPs. A good way is to do a press release, as well as many others like:

  • 10 Article Submission
  • 10 Press Release Distribution
  • 10 PDF/Doc Sharing
  • 10 Web 2.0 Blog Posting
  • 10 Top Social bookmarking
  • 10 Top Video Sharing
  • 10 Classified Ad Posting
  • 10 Image Sharing
  • 10 Social media Posting
  • 10 Instant Approved Directory Submission

I do 100, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not, because many of them will not stick. It’s good to do all 100, over 50% will remain years later if they are done right.

55 PBN Backlinks with Amazing Metrics

They also have some powerful backlinks pointing to them from top sites like Wikipedia, Huffingtonpost and Forbes. All that lovely ranking juice passes onto your site and nudges it into the top Google ranking spot. I post hand written content only to the blogs ranging between 200 and 500 words in length.

If you are going to do the PBN backlinks yourself ensure they have good metrics and are set up correctly leaving zero footprints. The blogs in this network all have different IPs, are registered under different hosting, registrars and all the rest. I leave no stone un-turned. If you do not know how to set up a PBN then I strongly urge you not to do it, you should most definitely buy our service to ensure you do not get your site penalised.

That’s tier 1 complete!

Tier 2

These backlinks will index all Tier 1 backlinks and pass the link juice down onto your website.

100 High PA Tumblr Backlinks

We have high PA Tumblr backlinks on Tier 1, now lets use some on Tier 2. These backlinks will be from different Tumblr sub domains than we used on Tier 1. These Tumblr’s will not have as good as metrics than we used on Tier 1, however they will all be indexed and will provide some real ranking power.

I recommend Tumblr blogs that have a minimum PA of 10. I recommend my main focus keyword is in the posts Title and make sure the anchor link is close to the keyword within the post.

I send these links to the Tier 1 Tumblr backlinks, and also to the Tier 1 Weebly backlinks.

Do 10 Tumblrs to 5 Tier 1 Tumblr blogs. Do 10 Tumblrs to 5 Tier 1 Weebly blogs.

So you are spreading the 100 Tumblr backlinks across 5 Tier 1 Tumblrs and 5 Tier 1 Weeblys.

I will also fire some of these backlinks at the PBN sites on Tier 1.

600 GSA Backlinks

We can spam the hell out of our Tier 1 sites, this is because they are all high authority sites and can most definitely handle this amount of links.

Do not fire these backlinks at the PBN sites.

If you have GSA Software you can do this yourself.

These backlinks will be spread across all Tier 1 backlinks except the PBN links.

  • Article Sites
  • Blog Comment
  • Forum Profiles
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Social Networks
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Article Directory
  • Wiki

To ensure they look natural you must have a good mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks here.

Use only long tail variations of your main keyword for the anchor text.

40 PBN Links

Now I do some more PBN backlinks.

As you would expect, these do not have the same metrics as the Tier 1 PBN backlinks.

I will use these PBN backlinks to power up just one of our Tier 1 Tumblr posts.

All 40 links will be directed at one Tier 1 Tumblr post page, not the Tumblr homepage.

This ensures all the ranking juice will pass to my site, and not spread to the other sites that sit on the Tumblr homepage.

The blogs I will use for this stage have TF and CF of 15+.

These blogs do have backlinks pointing to them from great sites and will pass onto my site.

If you are serious about ranking your website top, you need to power up your Tier 1 backlinks like this.

It will most definitely pay off for you.


Finally we go ahead and blast some backlinks at our Tier 2 backlinks.

This is done to ensure all Tier 2 backlinks get indexed, and most importantly remain indexed.

You can use software to do these backlinks, GSA can be used again if you have it.

I am going to use:

  • 4000 URL Shorteners
  • 4000 Trackbacks
  • 5000 301’s

These will point to the Tier 2 Tumblr backlinks, the PBN backlinks and some of the 6000 GSA backlinks.

That’s my backlink strategy, it’s possible you might have to do this a second time if the keyword is extremely competitive. I have never had to do this.

That’s exactly what I am doing to get a webpage ranking on Google Page 1.

It’s a lot of hard work focusing on:

  •  Competition Analysis
  • On-page Content Optimisation
  • Metadata
  • My Link Building Strategy

And after 90 days, you will see the results on Google

SEO Consultant Brisbane

Clint Neilsen Digital Solutions is an experienced Brisbane SEO consultant with a proven track record of providing results driven SEO services for clients..

I provide client SEO Brisbane services with the same care and diligence that I put into my private websites.
With the help of done-for-you SEO services your website will gain top search rankings. The higher your Brisbane website ranks in Google the more traffic you receive. With huge targeted traffic, your online sales will explode.

Brisbane SEO Optimisation

Page Optimisation

20+ years professional consultant experience in optimising websites, web pages and content for SEO success.
I can provide you with a prioritised list of recommendations for your development team, or execute them for you.

Link Building

Link Building

It can have a negative impact on your ranking if SEO, obtained via purchasing expensive packages, suddenly ceases building the links when you stop buying them. It’s more practical to leverage moderately priced packages which you can continue to use month after month, year after year, as in the case of my service.

Local SEO Brisbane

Local SEO

Targeted traffic is critical for the benefits of SEO to be realised. I take advantage of Google Map listings, plus local SEO ttechniques for quick wins.
If you have multiple business locations across Brisbane, QLD &/or Australia then you can benefit from a Local SEO strategy.

Keyword SEO Brisbane Reseach

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in not only SEO, but also Internet Marketing strategy as a whole. By performing keyword research I will be producing your keywords strategy based on what terms potential customers are using in their Google search and how your website will be visible on the search results.
I also analyse what your competitors are doing in the Brisbane SEO space and base your keyword strategy on what is going to deliver you the best return on investment.

SEO Content

Content that drives traffic

Though a content gap analysis process I take the “mid” and “top” funnel keywords, identified in research, and build killer and authority content around them. This drives explosive organic traffic gains for your website and seals the deal with content optimized for attraction and conversion.
Video content is another stream to tap into, production of video content does not have to come with exorbitant costs for the web. Let me show you exactly what happens when get something up and SEO it.

Social Media Brisbane

Web 2.0 engagement

Before you commence any serious link building from external websites, it’s important that you have established some groundswell. Although this takes some time and resources to do, it goes a long way to get websites ranking, even for the more difficult to rank at the top of Google.

Safe SEO practices

Safe practices

With SEO becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to do partnering with the supplier right is critical. SEO consultants that game the system, or use outdated techniques will get you on the wrong side of Google. Many SEOs outsource tasks to people in other countries where their time is cheap, but there is still significant risk of them taking shortcuts that you will feel the wrath of Google. All my SEO tasks are done in Brisbane to deliver SEO advantages to Brisbane based businesses.

Get ahead on the next Tech Curve

Voice Search is the next big thing for website traffic, since Social Media 12 years ago.

Drive Extra Traffic

By proving answers customer’s need with SEO.

Bigger Slice Of Search

Get in now by, in 2020 more than half of all searches were done via voice search

Customer’s Already Using

Your customer’s have already embraced Voice Search. Now is the perfect time to move.

SEO rules are broken

Get in touch with a Brisbane SEO Voice Search expert today.

What is voice search

Local SEO Brisbane

Local SEO in Brisbane

Importance of SEO

SEO Brisbane

If you arrived at this page via a search for SEO Brisbane from a search engine, then you’ve just witnessed the importance of SEO at play.

On Google’s first Search Results Page (SRP) there are only a few organic placements. Google SRP #2 is a very lonely place for your website to be listed. Unless you’re prepared to outbid your competitors for a paid spot on Google’s SRP

The “SEO Brisbane” search term is extremely competitive on Google. To be found above my local SEO competitors required an investment of resources for SEO purposes. The result is ongoing free traffic from the search engines, without the overhead of search engine advertising (which doesn’t get cheaper)

In a nutshell, SEO content production/optimisation & off-site promotion is key in making your web-page a lead/sales generating asset. Otherwise it’s just a nice sign post deep in the forest where nobody ventures. I have been assisting Brisbane-based businesses with both on-page & off-site SEO strategies & resources to stand out from their competitors

SEO Challenges

The best thing about the internet: Anyone can get their stuff online!
The worst thing about the internet: Anyone can get their stuff online!
SEO is a discipline in its own right, and there are perils for ignoring it or doing it wrong.

Google is in the business of matching the best content online with search queries, they have a formula to evaluate this, for us there are some challenges with SEO:

  •  SEO changes quickly: Google are constantly updating & changing this formula, plus the engine is always getting smarter (as in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence smarter)
  • It’s competitive: your competition never stops building upon their SEO foundation
  • Specialist knowledge in SEO content production/optimisation & off-site promotion is required for results
  • Google penalizes incorrect or outdated SEO tactics
  • Google is greedy, and provides less and less space on the results page for organic listing, favoring paid search placements
  • Over time SEO is getting harder, requiring more and more resources to execute
  • There’s no guarantee that your competitor isn’t investing more than you are for Brisbane SEO success

SEO Benefits

The PROs of investing in SEO for your website out-weighs the Cons. Paid Search and Social Media is predominantly based on a bidding model. The highest bidder will have the highest paid positions on Google page #1. And when the campaign budget is spent the listing will not appear on Google at all. A Google page #1 ranked listing will remain in place after your investment.

SEO in a comparatively cheaper investment, and your listing remains on Google’s page #1 24/7. Plus, your SEO listing is on Google page#1 by your own mettle: if Paid Search or Social Media pricing/policy changes you can be left high-and-dry.

SEO also delivers PR benefits. Earning links for external well-known websites increases your credibility.

Brisbane SEO puts your message in front of customers at the time they are looking for your offering

The traditional media forms of marketing like print advertising, television, radio, etc. have lost their impact on the public. They’ve become little more than white noise in the background these days. Why? Because people now focus on Google as they can find exactly what they want in an instant without having to phone and drive all over Brisbane. Google has become the preferred starting point for people’s research on products and services.

Say you need to buy yourself a new vacuum machine, where would you go to get all the information needed to make a decision? Of course your first place to search would be Google, where else these days? The internet has empowered the consumers in today’s market, and it has turned traditional business and retail models on their heads. The NAB Online Retail Index Report 2017 discovered online shopping has increased by almost 10% in Australia over the past year while in-store foot-traffic has only increased by 3%

Your key goal now as a marketer or business owner is to get your message out to where consumers are, at the precise time that they are actually looking for the products and services that you offer. This is extremely powerful and cost-effective over traditional advertising. More so, your site needs to rank toward the top of the first page of Google’s search results to be considered. Ignoring Brisbane SEO in 2019 is the same as not taking out a Yellow Pages ad in 1988, something that nobody in business would even consider.

SEO is considerably more cost-efficient than SEM/PPC

As I’ve already mentioned SEO takes considerable resources, website owners are put-off by the cost of SEO and favour PPC. This is due to a false economy in viewing PPC as less expensive and gives immediate results.

Both SEO and PPC are going to cost you money. Initially, SEO will actually cost you more than PPC. However, the beauty of SEO is it’s a long-term strategy. PPC only has an immediate impact: as long as you’re paying you’ll be on Google’s search results pages.

Traffic from Google will be arriving to your SEO invested landing page at a consistent and steady rate. Paid advertising provides a “shot in the arm” traffic and conversion wise. This can be difficult to organize around your business. Organic traffic accounts for more than 90% of all website traffic. On the other hand 70-80% of website audiences ignore ads, preferring to focus on the organic results.

SEO increases online reputation

A positive reputation both in the marketplace and online is critical for any business’ success. Customer reviews are an integral part of both SEO and the customer journey. Your website might be loaded with content that sings praise to your service offering. Your boasting doesn’t compete with good customer reviews in Google’s eyes Social Proof delivered by positive customer reviews encourage website visitors to convert into customers.


My Brisbane SEO Process

SEO Brisbane Process

I’ve been tweaking and building webpages to rank on top of search engine results since the 90s.

Since the 00s I’ve been providing organisations like Blue Care, CUA, Endeavour Foundation, RACQ, Suncorp & Uniting Care Health with Brisbane SEO services.

I start with some reseach into what your target audience is typing into search engines and speaking into devices: voice search. I then evaluate your content and identify areas to apply SEO strategies. I even spy on your competitors SEO to ensure that we improve upon their rankings.

Next step is the application of my SEO techniques so that your website and content is better recognised and favoured by Google. As a Brisbane SEO Consultant my process has been refined over time to drive results.

I run cutting-edge link building campaigns that are safe and up-to-date with modern SEO best practice. If you’re au fait with technical + on-page SEO, then I am a good fit as your link building partner.

SEO Brisbane is lower-cost Digital Marketing

Unfortunately these days, not much is cheap online when it comes to advertising. You’ll find that Brisbane SEO more cost effective than Paid Search and Facebook Ads. SEO also provides long-term benefits in comparison: when you stop paying for Paid Search and Facebook Ads the traffic stops too.

For a cost similar to a Yellow Pages listing back in the day, you can leverage SEO to get a page one ranking on Google to drive traffic to your website for lead conversion.

My SEO strategies are designed to limit costs as much as possible while delivering a great ROI to your budget

Increase Online Reputation

A positive reputation both in the marketplace and online is critical for any business’ success. Customer reviews are an integral part of both SEO and the customer journey. Your website might be loaded with content that sings praise to your service offering. Your boasting doesn’t compete with good customer reviews in Google’s eyes Social Proof delivered by positive customer reviews encourage website visitors to convert into customers.

Brisbane SEO FAQs

What is SEO?

  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is simply optimising online content so that it can be effectively understood by a search engine to prioritise on its respective Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google is the internet seacrch engine of key focus for SEO, as it has the overwhelming majority of public searches.

 SEO to make a webage attractive to Google is accomplished by "on-page" optimisation and creation of quality backlinks "off-page". These Marketing techniques and tactics focus on increaing your visability on Google's SERP. Since monetisation, Google displays these "organic" SEO search results on the results page, directly below a number of proiritised "paid search" results known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


Why do I need SEO on my website?

Social Media platforms are great for "interruptive" or "push" advertising to generate interest about your products on audiences while they are doing their thing. What makes search engines like Bing and Google a better proposition, is that customers are actually searching for your products and services when they find your listing, I like to refer to this as "pull" advertising. By investing in SEO you are making your website more appealing to the search engines. A first page ranking on Google will provide your website with more targeted traffic.

Can I do my own SEO?

Everyone needs to do some form of SEO if they are producing online content. What worked previously with Google for ranking a website, might now be something that causes a red flag: Google's ranking algorithm changes and continuously evolves. Deprioritistion in rank position by Google, or worse still, an outright bar on your domain, can be the penalty for getting things very wrong. Therefore in-depth SEO knowledge is essential to effect SEO tasks yourself.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there on the subject of SEO. Plus, there are numerous ill-informed practitioners willing to offer "whatever" as SEO services to unwary businesses that desire more website traffic.

How would I do my own SEO?

This is a subject too broad to cover in a single FAQ. A good place to start is focusing on Content and Meta Tags with keyword(s) that you want to rank on Google for. You could then buy link building SEO services from a reputable pro. Here's what you need to do:


Within you webpage content structure make sure that the focus keyword is featured at the top, in the middle and the bottom of your copy.

At the Top make sure that your focus keyword is in the first paragraph in Bold Text.

In the Middle have your keyword half way down the content.

At the Bottom have your keyword preferably in the last paragraph and in Italic Font


What will SEO Brisbane do for me?

My aim is to give the best service to my clients. You will receive the benefits of my 23 years of Search Marketing and Web Development experience. You will work with me and me only: I will perform your tasks. Unlike the big SEO agencies that outsource SEO tasks to the subcontinent or teenage uni interns. I only take on one established business client in a specific profession in each region, that is looking to increase their leads and grow their business through search.

I can optimise your website's infrastructure, increase user engagement by creating compelling content, and safely establish links. I create the conditions required to attract leads and convert them into a resource pool that you can use to increase ongoing sales. All work streams are fully documented and explained to you beforehand. As your business in unique, so will be the plan that I make for you. Contact me on 0402 542 875 or [email protected] for a detailed chat.

Do I need to be concerned about Black Hat SEO?

The answer is in your question there...... "quality". It's crucial that Brisbane SEO has quality:

  • Keyword Research
  • Analysis
  • Content
  • Human Factors
  • Optimisation
  • Back-links

And most of all, quality in your Brisbane SEO consultant.

How do you run SEO campaigns?

I provide full-service SEO campaigns that are individually tailored to meet the needs of your business. My methods are updated consistently as I review a lot of data about the latest SEO environment. My campaigns are built around a 6 - 12 month workflow, and I work with clients willing that are willing to wait this time frame before making a judgement.

  • Google page 1 ranking through the latest online marketing techniques
  • Increased traffic that is ready to engage with your offering
  • Improved Brand Awareness and Reach through Google and Social Media

How much detail will I be given regarding the Brisbane SEO process?

I am fully transparent into exactly what SEO Brisbane activities will be provided as my service. I believe the more knowledge and insight into the SEO tasks necessary to rank first page on Google that a business owner has the better. You are simply outsourcing a set of best practice tasks that you must do, but may not have the time or knowledge to execute.

Too many organisations are paying for someone to "do their SEO" but have no knowledge on what is being done or the value that is provided. Or worse they are paying for useless, harmful or no SEO services at all.

Do I need to be concerned about Black Hat SEO?

Not with me! SEO used to be nothing more than "gaming the system" to get substandard at the top. Google's way too smart now for Black Hat SEO tactics to be a long-term traffic strategy. I avoid Black Hat tactics and I go for long-term User Experience Optimisation strategy overall. Black Hat SEO can rank a website quickly, but penalties will be occurred.

How much will it cost?

Good question, the answer depends on your niche, the plan that I come up with and the work needed to execute the process. Each business and their situation is unique, therefore there are no set packages and rates. Feel free to call me or email me and I'll work out what's needed and the cost. I do work on the bare minimal overheads so that I can provide extremely competitive pricing.

How important is SEO for my business?

The importance of SEO in business continues to increase, as search continues to become local, rich media adoption, and the rise of voice search. Other methods for attracting customes such as Direct Mail, are offering less potential to reach customers, and Return On Ad Spend ROAS diminishes year on year with Social and Paid Search. SEO coupled with content marketing is a sound investment to ensure that your website connects to prospective customers.

  Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation is a cost-effective strategy to establish long-term awareness and relationships with customers, and put you ahead of your customers. A website that has optimised content is likely to attract more customers and convert more sales.

Can I choose my own Keywords?

In effect yes. However, SEOs & Businesses shouldn't choose keywords based on opinion. Often the phrases we use as specialists are not economically viable for target keywords. If you're after a technician to execute tasks that you want delivered based on your opinion, I won't be a good fit for you.
Customer search and other, i.e. advertiser data, form the basis of a Brisbane SEO keyword strategy. There will be a number of keyword game plans that can be employed, plus risks, all of which will be laid out for you in a consultative manner for you to have the final say on.

How long does it take to get to page 1 of Google?

Unfortunately, there are a tremendous amount of variables, a great deal of which are unknown externally to Google to be able to nail down a time. For established domains without previous bad history with Google it can take as long as 6 months for the more competitive keywords.

In general you will looking at between 3 - 6 months to get on the first page of Google. Be weary of SEOs offering quick results.

Do you offer link building services?

I am always running link building campaigns, and I have a very wide network that you can leverage if you would like to compliment your SEO efforts with a wide variety of safe, quality back packages. I never user black-hat techniques that deliver short term gains at your expense later on.
Please contact me to come up with a link building and social signals campaign plan for your website.

How do you make sure that you will get the results required?

My clients come from all points on the globe. And I understand the difficulty in choosing the right SEO partner for your business. My core aim is to drive strong ROI through content marketing, SEM and SEO. I will only take on clients with an established business and marketing budget, who understand the Return On Investment (ROI) concept, and where I am 100% positive that I will deliver not only a page 1 ranking but also a clear ROI.

What is the benefit of working with a Local SEO Consultant?

 I have in-depth knowledge on SEO strategies for small businesses to large organisations across many different sectors. I also have built the infrastructure necessary to efficiently deliver back-link campaigns as well as video content to improve user experience. My infrastructure and knowledge will save you both time and money as opposed to doing SEO yourself

 Also, there are countless people offering cheap SEO packages. Do you think that they will be able to get the results that you need for $299 per month? Also, this is high risk when you do not know exactly what they will be doing. A penalty from Google is often all that is delivered at the end of the day

SEO Brisbane Contact