Choosing the right WordPress Development Expert for your website

Choosing the Right WordPress Development Expert for Your Website

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2 September 2016
Updated // 16 May 2023
Choosing the Right WordPress Development Expert for Your Website

WordPress has evolved to become the world’s undisputed top Content Management System (CMS). WordPress has a powerful array of functionality and provides a fantastic user experience to millions worldwide. If you intend on having a feature-rich and dynamic web site for your business then WordPress will be the finest decision you will make online. A key drawcard for using the WordPress platform is that development can be done the easy way. However, WordPress still requires specialists to create an effective internet site that can compete in the marketplace.

Choosing a WordPress Website Development Expert

So your primary challenge is to choose the best possible WordPress CMS development provider. The goal is to help you create a website that delivers tangible benefits. What do you start with when evaluating consulting experts, freelancers or development houses? How do you ensure that you avoid costly pitfalls that website development is renowned for? There are specific considerations to make while choosing the right WordPress partner for you. Here’s a list for you to start with:


Practical experience amounts to a lot in all fields, and website development is no different. This should be the starting point when examining a WordPress partner. Try to seek out those whom have demonstrated that they have been around for a while, as well as in it for the long haul. A seasoned expert will come up with previous examples, and tips for a practical approach to delivering a website that meets all requirements.
You have a great feel for what you need from a website. So make sure that you ask the developer if they have done this kind of work before. Also, ask them to provide examples. Odds are if they’ve done this type of WordPress website development in the past, they will be able to quickly deliver on your needs for less expenditure.


This means a lot with any product or service decision. WordPress is a popular tool and therefore it’s more likely to be used by suppliers that fail to deliver on their promises. Are there testimonials from happy clients and business partners on their website? Where there is smoke there is usually a fire, so keep an eye out for any negative commentary elsewhere online such as social media. Spending time at the beginning of a WordPress to check what is being said about a developer can save you from the expense and distress associated with selecting a bad apple.

Best practice

Choosing the right development partner for you involves confirming that they follow best practices. Check if they are using the latest technologies and following the latest trends in interface design. Will the website render across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices? Confirm that the developer is proficient in basic languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 which are needed in WordPress Development. Are they leveraging a popular theme development framework that has critical mass in the market, or are they intending on just using a myriad of plugins? Make sure that company has the required qualifications to deliver a product according to your needs.


It’s important to break down the scope of development activities with their respective costs. Do side-by-side comparisons with proposals from other WordPress developers, and get a feel on what is a standard price to pay for a particular component. This will also help you confirm what is a sensible in the plan, and where you could reduce costs. Confirm exactly what is covered as part under the warranty, and what will incur additional costs in the future. It is also prudent to check the costs involved with maintenance if they are excluded for the development package. Confirming all of the cost parameters in the beginning will help you to ensure that you are not over-charged.


Don’t ignore the ongoing support provided by your WordPress expert. Fast and reliable support is a crucial factor of any positive and mutually beneficial partnership. Ignoring ongoing support in the beginning can prove disastrous after the development project, over the life-cycle of your website. Reliability of the provider in delivering ongoing support is a key component of choosing the best solution possible. It’s important to ensure that everything is detailed in writing prior to handing over a signed contract, a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) will articulate the parameters of the support provided by the suppliers.


Ask a WordPress developer that you are considering for client references that you can contact to confirm how well they worked with them. Some WordPress experts are ever so helpful during pre-sales, only to change their behavior after getting or completing the development project. Make sure that you confirm their work ethic with their previous clients in a reference check. Inquire into the developer’s previous projects and gauge how successful they were. Reference checks provide you with clarity on how efficient your prospective partner is as a developer.

The business world is a competitive one, mistakes can prove costly and as effective a CMS WordPress is, it is not exempt from the costs associated with ill-informed decisions. Ensure that you spend the time at the beginning of the project to take care, and consider the factors above as part of your decision making process on choosing the right WordPress website development partner.

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