Minimal Design & Development: getting the balance right.

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22 December 2014
Updated // 12 April 2022

Genesis Framework and Themes are perfect for fast and economical website development done the right way.

A local Brisbane client contacted me unhappy with a WordPress website delivered by another development team. The client’s needs required a process that minimized design and development activities. This approach allows businesses to focus their digital spend on Maintaining and Evolving activities which delivers desired outcomes.

The website that was delivered by the first development team was responsive, built on a best-practice framework. However, the WordPress theme had a header image that was dated both aesthetically and in its 466 pixels in height when rendered on a desktop device. With all intents and purposes the design/usability rationale was to a point correct in that the header image needed to be 466 px in height in order for it to be discernible when rendered on a smartphone.

The client also wanted to overhaul the website’s font types and sizes, my solution was to use the Genesis Framework with a Child Theme, that I customized to arrive at the customer’s design destination. The new Sustainable Site website has a modern responsive design that will scale to any size in the future and perform well on Google, as the Genesis Framework is built on HTML5 and performs exceptionally well from an SEO perspective.

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