Digital marketing definition

Business owners who want online growth to proceed their online costs often encounter a number of definitions, or terms, that online marketer’s frequently reference within their parlance. These terms may not immediately be clear to business owners, and might contribute to some of the confusion in regard to employing online tactics.

My purpose here however, is to clarify what digital marketing means compared to the traditional concepts and activities.

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The difference between an amateur and a professional web developer

The ability to discern Professional Dev Ops from the Amateurs that are vying for your business, is a critical skill for a website owner to possess. Yes, there are quite a number of mere amateurs out there in the marketplace when it comes to web development. To the uninitiated these rank amateurs appear like a […]

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Purchase vs SaaS Licensing Software

There’s two key strategic execution methodologies behind my system for achieving Digital Growth, they are: Lean Experimentation (L.E.) Examine/Test (E.T.) The rigor behind the process of L.E. and E.T. ensures the delivery of a Comprehensive Web Presence and a Credible Website that will deliver online growth for your business. When managing the above development processes, […]

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One piece of Content for many Online Channels

The subject of this content is “one piece of content for many online channels”. This is also known as content repurposing. This practice will guide you along a path, that will hopefully become a routine for you to easily produce rich media as the standard for online content Here I will be covering: How to […]

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The ultimate guide to writing a killer explainer video script

An explainer marketing video has the power to tell a genuine story about your business in 60-seconds. Before pondering what funky illustrations and animations your video will contain, you must focus your all your creative juices on nailing your explainer video’s script. A nicely written, engaging script is the basis for an effective explainer video. […]

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