digital jobs in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne

Jobadder recruitment website development

Author headshot - ClintN
16 July 2016

A Coffs Harbour/Brisbane based client who is a recruiter of digital jobs in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne needed a quality recruitment website. As a website developer that knows what makes a website good, it was an easy decision to go with a WordPress driven website integrated with Jobadder as the recruitment platform.

The client had invested wisely in a strong brand strategy, which drove the website's visual design smoothly. Integrating Jobadder could have been a substantial development piece, however we decided on a rudimentary yet effective method. This resulted in Jobadder integrated within the front page as well as a dedicated landing page.

Jobadder recruitment website development benefits.

digital jobs in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne

Digital jobs in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne

The key benefit of website development to have JobAdder job listings integrated into your WordPress website, over software is the price. One off development is cheaper than than the ongoing support and maintenance charges associated with software as a service (SaaS). This frees recruitment firms fiscal resources to focus on the digital activities that generate traffic and attraction.

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